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May 31, 2021

Guest Bio: Dr. Drew Sams is the senior pastor and head of staff at Bel Air Presbyterian Church in Los Angeles, whose teachings are broadcasted all over the nation. His is also a life-long surfer, ultra-runner, and family man who is passionate about the environment and deeply interested in social justice, nutrition, and wellness. As a progressive Doctor of Divinity, Pastor Drew Sams offers a refreshing perspective on faith that is inspiring all types of audiences in Los Angeles and around the world. 


About This Episode:


Overcoming struggles in life can often feel like trying to cross a massive canyon. According to my guest, Dr. Drew Sams on this special episode, crossing canyons may just be key to our next level of living. I had the honor of having an enlightening conversation with Pastor Drew Sams, who is not only the senior pastor of one of the most prominent churches, Bel Air Presbyterian Church, but is also helping so many people cross canyons on their own life journey. He shared the story of his Grand Canyon Run and the lives transformed because of it. We talked about his personal canyons and key lessons learned, belief shifts he had to make in his own life, and his advice on reframing pain for empowerment and personal growth. Regardless of your personal, spiritual or religious beliefs, you will get so much life-changing value from this conversation!





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