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ALIVE by Design

Sep 26, 2022

About This Episode:


Want to be "rich"...?  Let’s be honest, if given the option, there are not many people who wouldn't…
#WALKWITHME and let’s chat about why a Rich Life actually has little to do with money...






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Sep 12, 2022

About This Episode:


Competing in the Santa Barbara Triathlon last weekend was such a memorable experience. Setting a new PR (personal record) for the longest swim/bike/run I have ever done was a super cool feeling... but being able to do the sprint course with my Son the next day was THE BEST EVER. Reflecting on the...

Sep 5, 2022

About This Episode:


"Proximity is POWER" 💥 ... that old saying ‘you become like those you surround yourself with’ is still 💯  TRUTH! #WALKWITHME and let's talk about 3 things that you're guaranteed to receive when you are in proximity of the right people, and simple things we can do today to create the...