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ALIVE by Design

Jan 30, 2023

About This Episode:


So what if I said there are two metaphorical mountains that we all end up climbing in life...?

While the first mountain can lead to the things we think we want...

The second mountain... well that leads to something that matters much more.

#WALKWITHME and let's talk about the Second Mountain - and...

Jan 23, 2023

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Ever hear the saying "no good deed goes unpunished"..?
It took me a longgggggg time to even begin to understand what this means... 👀

Drop a comment below 👇🏼 if you have ever had the experience of doing what you truly felt was the right thing, for the right reasons... only to have it totally...

Jan 16, 2023

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'Tabula Rasa'... a Latin phrase that literally translated means clean or blank slate...

It's a term I learned in a psychology class a long while back that comes to mind every new year.

Do you have a personal routine or ritual you do every new year?  Maybe you take some time to review or reflect on...

Jan 9, 2023

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Walking through the FIRE... special interview with Blake Mallen on the Forged by Fire Podcast

If you're an entrepreneur, sales professional, or solopreneur looking to learn from the FAILURES of those who have been forged by their fires. Log on, listen, learn, and share!






Listen &...

Jan 2, 2023

About This Episode:


To believe in the person you can become tomorrow, love the person you are today…
That's a stop the scroll moment... read that again!


If we cant look in the mirror and say I'm happy with who I see today...

it's really hard to wake up tomorrow and say I feel really happy with who I see tomorrow,