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Jun 21, 2021

Guest Bio: Major Williams ( is an entrepreneur, CEO of The Major Williams Brand, Founder of Major Kicks for Kids, Marketing specialist, and the Gubernatorial candidate for California in 2022. Raised by a single mother and three sisters, Major unknowingly started his first business at the age of 13, using an old lawnmower cutting grass for extra cash to buy food for him and his family. Throughout his life, his determination and intense focus on attaining goals and bettering communities have driven him to success in a multitude of industries. Major Williams has been featured on many of today’s top podcasts, local and statewide media outlets, and syndicated radio stations.  


About This Episode:


As one of the candidates running for Governor of California, Major Williams knows firsthand what it means to overcome adversity and pursue goals with perseverance and resilience. On this episode, I have an inspirational conversation with Major about his backstory, including life growing up with a single parent, his entrepreneurial journey and philanthropic initiatives, his values and message platform, and the motivation behind pursuing the California governorship. 









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