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ALIVE by Design

Dec 7, 2020

“I’ll find strength in pain.” – Mumford & Sons


About This Episode:


Have you ever lost something important to you? We all have, and the aftermath of feelings can be devastating. However, I’ve found that those feelings can actually serve us – if we shift our lens. In this #WalkWIthMe episode, I take a different approach to ‘loss’ with what I call ‘The Desire Curve,’ which is the relationship between desire and gain, and the feeling of loss that can restore it. I break down the five phases of The Desire Curve, which starts with a burning desire that can fuel you to rise. But, as you rise and gain certain things you want, that desire starts to diminish until you hit a plateau. And if that desire diminishes too long, you will go through a fall. But, it is during that time when you fall and start to lose things that are important to you, when you can eventually recharge your desire and ultimately ignite another rise.  


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