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ALIVE by Design

Nov 2, 2020

Guest Bio: 


Ridgely Goldsborough ( is a 17-time Author, International Speaker, and creator of the Mind Type method (which combines tools based on Emotional Intelligence and brain biology to improve culture, messaging and marketing). Ridgely has dedicated his life to helping people solve problems and experience breakthroughs.


About This Episode:


I first met Ridgely Goldsborough when I was just 20 years old, and this man’s wisdom has helped me tremendously on my own life trajectory. In this episode, we have an inspiring and insightful conversation that will offer tons of value to entrepreneurs, marketers, and anyone looking to break through the noise of 2020 and go to the next level. We cover the topics of life, happiness and service, and talk about why we get stuck in ‘supposed to’ and how to find out who we really are. We also explore ways to unlock our true potential through discovering our mind types, and then how to use that type to articulate a message in marketing that penetrates the noise of today. 






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