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ALIVE by Design

Mar 15, 2021

About This Episode:


I was featured on the ‘Relationship Renegades’ radio show, and we talked about what it takes to have healthy and fully ALIVE relationships – from a relationship with yourself, to those with your partner and others. We also got into the concept of how our feelings (anxiety, depression, etc.) can often be an alarm system from our “soul” that tells us something is off, that we might be going in the wrong direction, and that it’s time to WAKE UP and listen to our own intuition. This episode is jam packed with helpful life, business and relationship advice. 


The @Relationship.Renegades radio show is hosted by Rachele Brooke Smith (@rbrookesmith) and Emilio Palafox (@emilio_palafox_) and airs LIVE every week on Fun For Life Radio on Dash Radio. Check out their @relationship.renegades YouTube channel. 




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