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ALIVE by Design

Jun 2, 2020

“Emotions are energy in motion.” – Colton Winkelman 


Guest Bios: 


Francesco Comito (@francesco.comito.official/) is a prominent attorney turned millionaire entrepreneur and bestselling author based in Italy.


Lindsey Curry (@casuallybeingcurry/) is a successful entrepreneur, dance studio director, speaker and bestselling author of “Holy Shift.” 


Colton Winkelman (@iamcoltonwinkelman/) is a fast-rising Millennial leader, entrepreneur and investor in personal growth and development. 



About This Episode:


In this episode of “#quarantineconversations” I have conversations with noted thought leaders and brand builders—Francesco Comito, Lindsey Curry, and Colton Winkelman—on the topic of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). We talk about why it’s so important in today’s world and provide some tips and tools that can help us raise our EQ, elevate our level of living and be a lighthouse for others.  




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Holy Shift by Lindsey Curry 




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