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ALIVE by Design

May 19, 2020

“Living in optimism and being positive means you have faith that what you hope for will work out okay; just have the confidence in yourself that you are enough… This is an awesome time to reevaluate your values and reassess what you want to do in the coming years and what legacy you want to lead.” — Brian Underwood


Guest Bio: Bryan Underwood (@brianundy) is the CEO of Pruvit, a serial entrepreneur, biohacker, and the host of the “Be You with BU” podcast whose personal mission is to help people become the best version of themselves. 


About This Episode:


In this episode of “#quarantineconversations” I have a conversation with the CEO of Pruvit and a business partner of mine about key business insights, life lessons and words of wisdom he’s learned throughout 25+ years of experience building companies and leading hundreds of thousands of people to be more so they can do more. 




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Mentions on the Show:


Wave 3” by Richard Poe

Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill 

The Be You with BU podcast with Brian Underwood



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